Become a Certified Pain Practitioner (CPP)

About MPS Pain Management Certification

Today, over 116 million Americans still suffer from daily pain that is chronic or severe. Pain from arthritis, back problems and headaches costs U.S. businesses more than $61 billion annually in lost worker productivity.

Today, despite the advancements in the medical technology; pain management is poorly addressed by health care professionals and our medical educational system. This is why MPS Therapy was developed. As the world’s first integrative pain management system, MPS believes that various nervous systems play a critical role in the chronic pain cycle and MPS protocols are designed to provide balance throughout all of them.

Certified Pain Practitioner (CPP) was developed to equip the practitioner with the skills and knowledge necessary to treat any pain condition and produce significant functional outcomes.

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Candidates need a valid certificate or license, as required in your county, city or state in one of the healing arts for legally treating another person. MPS Therapy is an advanced studies program for licensed health care professionals and is designed to complement your existing therapy.

Required Courses:

Introduction to MPS Pain Therapy (16 hrs)

MPS Therapy combines the principles of acupuncture, neurology with microcurrent stimulation.

5 Basic MPS Principles:

1) Scar Therapy
2) Standard Protocol “Core” Therapy
3) Standard Protocol Neck Therapy
4) Distal Points
5) Parasymapthetic/Emotional Points

The above principles are designed to calm (DE-regulate) sympathetic Up-regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System caused by scars & impinged nerves of the lower back (lumbar-sacral plexus) and neck (cervical-brachial plexus).

This unique approach permits ANS balance & increased re-innervation of upper/lower limb neural pathways. This multi-pronged approach to the body’s nervous and musculoskeletal system is the reason why MPS Therapy works so well on pain.

Scar Release Certification (16 hrs)
Delving deeper into Scar Release Therapy! Expand the definition of Scars & learn how to integrate emotions, traumas and key acupuncture points into scar release. A key to DE-regulating and balancing the nervous systems, understanding the totality of scar release therapy is imperative if your patients suffer from chronic pain or disease.

Integrative Circuits I (16 hrs)
Circuits 1 looks deeper into the ANS and Fascia’s influence on chronic pain/disease. Highly effective TMJ/Jaw release, and it’s inter-relationships between the thoracic spine are explored, along with key acupuncture points for TMJ and jaw release.

Axis fascial circuits will be introduced for post-scar integration, and protocol circuits will be developed for orthopedic, bone healing, edema/circulation/inflammation, chronic pains and general myofascial release.

Auricular Therapy (16 hrs)
With all the organs and tissues represented in the ear, this therapy is considered the ideal micro-system treatment! This course helps therapists understand how to DE-regulate both CNS and the ANS for incredible on-the-spot outcomes.

History, anatomy, organ & spine location, primary/secondary master points, battlefield acupuncture, standard protocol & parasympathetic circuits are all instructed in this seminar. For those who apply therapy on-the-go, this course is a must!

Each certification candidate will be required to submit:

Additional Forms:

Patient Consent to Treatment Form Download PDF
Patient Image/Video Release Consent Form Download PDF