Dr. Joseph Daher, D.C

Dr. Joseph Daher, a chiropractor and clinical director of the Advanced Wellness Centre in Leamington Ontario, is a lecturer, author and practitioner in the field of pain management, fitness performance and functional rehabilitation. His expertise includes acupuncture and dry needling, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, reflex locomotion, microcurrent point stimulation and a wide variety of manual therapy approaches

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Functional Therapeutics LTD

Dr. Daher is also the president of Functional Therapeutics LTD., a company that provides education and clinical reference services to manual therapists and rehabilitation professionals. He has also developed a clinical reference app, the Referred Pain Index, a tool that is used in clinics and education facilities around the world to aid in the assessment of sources of referred pain.

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Advanced Wellness Center

In addition to his clinical expertise, Dr. Daher has published many articles including a large scale post operative functional exercise study entitled, “Post-operative rehabilitation pathway changes and implementation of functional closed kinetic chain exercise in total hip and total knee replacement patient”. Joe regularly conducts webinars on advanced MPS Therapy techniques.

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