MPS Pain Management Certification.

This program is designed to bring licensed therapists into the reality of the 21st century. Our Goals (mission statement): Providing therapists and physicians the tools to address neuromyofascial pain syndromes within their patient population.


To do this, therapists must learn & understand:  proper neurological & structural pain assessments, the nuances between different types of pain (Orthopedic, neurological myofascial), & the rolls the various tissue components: energetic, emotional, neural, skeletal, & fascia contribute to the chronic pain cycle. Each needs to be understood in order to “peel back” layers of the patient to expose root causes in pain & disease.


Prerequisite for Admission to Pain Practitioner Certification:

Candidates need a valid certificate or license, as required in your county, city or state in one of the healing arts for legally treating another person. MPS Therapy is an advanced studies program for licensed health care professionals and is designed to complement your existing therapy.


Admission Costs Pain Practitioner Certification:

A one-time admission/administration cost of $25.00 is required to enter into this program. You can pay for this fee online at  Click on the certification tab and there will be a link to pay the fee.

Pain Practitioner Learning Requirements:

This next section covers the training requirements candidates need to fulfill to become a Certified Pain Practitioner & Master Pain Practitioner. The learning is accomplished through class study, case reflections, written projects and through the candidate’s own practical experiences of MPS protocols and principles.