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Scars are universal; we all have them. They even accumulate as we age and walk through life, and can be the culprit to many pain syndromes and diseases. Have you had surgery like a C-section, tummy tuck, gall bladder removal, hysterectomy, plastic surgery, back, hip, knee, or shoulder surgery? Have you suffered any injuries or repetitive type injuries?

What Are Scars?

According to a study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery: ‘A scar can be defined as a fault or blemish resulting from some former condition, wound, sore or burn. Scar formation is an inevitable consequence of wound healing in which the normal skin is replaced by a fibrous tissue’.

It should be noted that physical scars often come with emotional scars and chronic pain (more on this below).

Emotional scars result from traumatic experiences.

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Where Do Scars Come From?

Scars come from surgeries (C-section, ACL, among others), broken bones, sprained joints, torn muscles and inflammation. Scars also result from any areas of the body and the mind that has been injured through physical and emotional traumatic experiences.

Types of Scars

1) Stretched Scars: These are white scars that are symptomless and appear 3 weeks after surgery.

2) Atrophic Scars: These are depressed scars that usually arise after acne or chickenpox.

3) Scar Contractures: These arise after burn injuries and are present around skin creases and joints and have the ability to limit a person’s mobility.

4) Raised Skin Scars: These include Hypertrophic scars that stay within the boundaries of the original injury and Keloid scars that spread beyond the initial injury.

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