Concussion Recovery Therapy

Finally!! The essential course for the treatment of concussion injuries, PCS and TBI’s. This is a treatment based hands-on seminar that overviews the anatomy, pathology and  background of concussion injuries. Learn how NEW science is proving long-term industry held beliefs and status-quo therapies dead wrong.  Fully understand which therapeutic modalities and techniques  inhibit or accelerate concussion and TBI recovery. Learn how to heal concussions from the inside out! An evidenced based presentation on the ultimate BRAIN protocol, integrating science, neurology with eastern medicine to “unwind” the patient and produce real time functional outcomes that are impossible to produce using other modalities and therapeutic approaches.

In clinical concussion trials (N=19), a single application of MPS applied to the CRT protocol: reduced cortisol levels 48%,  improved IMPACT symptom scores (45%), King-Devitt (KD) Scores (20.5%), reduced brain fog (41%), reduced ringing in ears (46%), and reduced headaches (33%).









A N=6 sub-group of the above N=19 concussion study was followed up with and standard protocol (level 1) and scar release (level 2) five (5) days later. In this group IMPACT symptom scores improved another 32% for a total of 63%….after two (2) MPS applications.


Course Requirements

Please dress comfortably and bring a massage table if convenient to do so.

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