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Auricular Therapy is an innovative and viable alternative to traditional microcurrent point stimulation (MPS) treatment involving specific points on the ear the directly related to different locations on the human body.

MPS is more effective than traditional needles and applied in minutes (1/5th the time)

Since all the organs and tissues are represented in the ear, this course is ideal for current MPS practitioners whose patient population is immobile, frail or elderly, making it difficult to reach desired points. This course instructs students on the anatomy, location and application of ear points for successful MPS Ear Therapy. Perfect for homecare or on the go therapists! Research proves MPS Ear Therapy provides 67.59% relief from pain, regardless of diagnosis…on the spot!

MPS Course Overview for Auricular Therapy:

  • The 15 most important ear points
  • Key ear points for pain relief
  • Key points for relaxation and sedation
  • Points used for detoxification
  • Learn how to release the psoas and piriformis and balance “core” through the ear
  • Learn the anatomical location of spine and major organs
  • “Primary Master Points” for patient health
  • “Secondary Master Points” for patient health

Course Feedback

Course is exceptional, knowledge we learned is readily available to be used and get results on Monday. Margaret S.

Chronic low back pain gone! Lynne M.

Excellent course – very useful and practical with my clinic setting and client base. Katharine F.

Very useful, inspirational and practical. Excellent course! Sarah M.


12 Contact Hours. Click here to see our Board approvals.

Course Completion Requirements

Participants will be required to complete sign-in sheets, a certificate request and a course evaluation form. Participants will also be required to demonstrate hands-on skills throughout the course and will be evaluated by the instructor(s).

Please dress comfortably and bring a massage table if convenient to do so.

Course Policies

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Course Schedule and Registration

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