“I have been teaching this remarkable modality for 17 years and have implemented it into my physical therapy practice with exceptional results for a profound influence on swelling and healing for my patients as well as for myself. I personally have survived massive surgeries post breast cancer including a double mastectomy, reconstruction and lymph node dissection without swelling, pain or lymphedema. Integrating these protocols with manual therapy and other therapies accentuates my patient outcomes when manual and compressive therapy alone were not doing the trick. This will be is an essential part of your practice. It is a must have for those dealing with the complex issue of healing and takes into consideration all the supportive systems that influence the lymphatic system. In response to many of my students’ requests for advice on how to implement these protocols, I have decided to dedicate an entire seminar to this topic. I am very excited to present this exclusive seminar available ONLY through Acumed Medical Ltd.”

Laine Miller, PTA, MPP
MPS Instructor

“I have seen firsthand how this modality influences scar tissue and I highly recommend MPS as a part of my students MLD practice, I have been teaching and applying MLD for over 20 years and I feel this is an essential tool to have in any manual therapy practice. I recommend that my students attend this seminar and have added to my list courses that fulfill the Master level certification at the MLD Institute.”

Elisa Defalco, OT
President/Instructor, MLD Institute International

This new class has been developed due to high demand from students and professionals seeking additional tools to help their clients heal from injury, surgery and illness. This is a game changer for those treating post-surgery, swelling and tissue healing.

Learn how the Autonomic Nervous system influences the Lymphatic system, how scars and adhesive tissue impair the lymph pathways and how to treat it.

Learn how to implement traditional Acupuncture points and circuits that influence specific tissues and systems enhancing your outcomes!

Learn how to implement treatments to compliment Lymphatic Drainage therapies, address healing and swelling issues post-surgery and injury, facilitate the healing process with a unique and proven approach to healing.

MPS Lymphatic Restorative Therapy Course Overview:

MPS and influence on cellular metabolism and ANS including:

  • Basic laws of microcurrent, microcurrent vs AC current
  • Microcurrent and ATP production, what is ATP and its role in the lymphatic system
  • Microcurrent and effects on cortisol, what does elevated cortisol mean to the healing process?
  • Microcurrent and effects on HRT and the nervous system, what is the ANS and its role in Lymphatic function?

Lymphatics and the immune system
Treating the para-sympathetic points and their role in influencing the system

Alleviating restrictions to lymphatic flow

  • Scar therapy and how it influences lymphatic drainage
  • Basic scar therapy lab
  • Special points to treat scars, surgical scars. traumatic scars and internal scars and adhesions
  • How to address illness and damaged tissue from past treatment, drugs, radiation, medication and support the immune system

Specific protocols for:

  • Head and neck
  • Axillary/chest
  • Inguinal/lower extremities
  • Abdominal
  • Back

Orthopedic Surgeries Pre and Post:

  • Breast surgery pre and post
  • Facial surgery pre and post
  • Integration into complimentary therapy and self care


16 Contact Hours.

*CEUS are currently being applied for for Massage, PT, OT, DC and Acupuncture. At this time CEUs have not been approved. We are Board approved for most of our classes and we are working to have this approved by the May seminar.

Course Requirements

Please dress comfortably and bring a massage table if convenient to do so.

Course Policies

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Course Schedule and Registration

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