Note: Introductory course is a prerequisite to taking the Circuits I course.

Learn advanced protocols for shoulders, knee,  jaw & spine– three primary joints that significantly control our daily lives and the nerves that influence them!

Advanced Integrative Circuits takes pain therapy to new levels by simultaneous linking key acupuncture/trigger points in primary joints in order to produce amplified, synergistic outcomes. Master the spine and joints! Learn the detail of the spine and how integrate this into treating the most difficult problems of major joints… in only 2 days

 This is a must-attend course for MPS practitioners seeking more advanced treatment outcomes – even for the toughest, chronic cases. This also highlights how to integrate Oriental Medicine thinking with neuromyofascial science for outcomes far above conventional approaches.


MPS course overview for Ultimate Pain Therapy Circuits I:

  1. Master the spine! Learn each segmental-neuro influence
  2. Advanced knee-shoulder protocols
  3. SCIENCE: Role of stress in shoulder-knee pain
  4. Optimal shoulder biomechanics protocols
  5. Role of the jaw articulations in knee-ankle injuries & pain
  6. Integrative manual patella re-tracking techniques
  7. NEW! Protocols for muscle inflammation and circulation stagnation
  8. Learn to heal your own pain and injuries & regulate your nervous system for optimal health
  9. Increase your functional outcomes and become more profitable!

Course Feedback

Excellent course! The teacher and the course material made it easy to learn but so much information Lorraine L.

Course was very good, concise and interesting. I wouldn’t change a thing. Raymond C.

Course delivered what was advertised and more! Content was amazing and the program administration was top notch Ron S.


16 Contact Hours. Click here to see our Board approvals.

Course Requirements

Please dress comfortably and bring a massage table if convenient to do so.

Course Policies

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