Concussion Recovery Therapy is the world’s first scientifically documented breakthrough for the treatment of TBI, brain injuries and concussions.  Concussion Recovery Therapy combines outside-the-box therapeutic thinking with evidenced-based science to produce the world’s first successful brain therapy, ushering in a new era for human health and healing.

Concussion Recovery Therapy is specifically designed to dramatically reduce the physical causes of STRESS controlling TBI and PCS symptomology. Concussion Recovery Therapy has been scientifically proven to reduce CORTISOL (stress hormone) and improve cognitive functioning. The benefits of integrating Concussion Recovery Therapy into your current clinical setting are  clearly visible in the imagery below.

Today, the standard status quo of care for acute concussed injury is several days of rest with minimal visual stimulation, and prescribed medications for pain, headaches, and vomiting. There are a great number of concussion clinics that “manage” concussion recovery.

To date, however, effective treatment has not been established, as there are no significant treatment options that scientifically prove PCS symptom reduction OR that prove consistent positive cognitive changes after application.  Why is this?

Concussions & Stress

Many TBI and concussion patients recover within weeks, while others may never recover.

Why this discrepancy?  Current research supports the findings that PCS symptomology is due to ongoing central and autonomic nervous system dysfunctions received prior to or during the concussion event. These dysfunctions are  sympathetic UP-regulation, commonly called STRESS. Science is now aware that altered sympathetic and parasympathetic imbalances within the Autonomic Nervous system (ANS) is a critical factor in Post-Concussive Syndrome (PCS) recovery.

The ultimate goal of Concussion Recovery Therapy is to improve cognitive functioning and reduce PCS symptomology through STRESS reduction and ANS regulation. Sympathetic stress and cortisol (the endocrine STRESS marker), are directly linked in research to concussions, diminished brain health and poor cognitive functioning.

Concussion Recovery Therapy has been reported in literature to reduce stress, regulate the autonomic nervous system and improve HRV and PCS symptomology. (Chevalier-2016, Armstrong-2017Concussion Recovery Therapy clearly yields superior therapeutic outcomes over current concussion treatment options.

If you still struggle with PCS or TBI recovery with your patients and want an effective therapy for your concussion management program, Concussion Recovery Therapy is the perfect adjunct to your concussion program. If you are a suffering patient, follow the science!

Science Behind Concussion Recovery Therapy

PCS Concussion Outcomes (n=29) Post Concussion Recovery Therapy (95%CI)
Reduced Cortisol (-47%)
Reduced ImPACT PCS Symptoms (-46%)
Improved ImPACT Cognitive functioning (+47%) 
Improved ImPACT React Time (-7%)
Improved ImPACT Visual Motor Skill (+5.82%)
Reduced KD Test Score (-15%)
Reduced Brain Fog (-41%)
Reduced Headaches (-33%)
Reduced Ringing Ear (-47%)

Concussion Recovery Therapy Level 1 Course Objectives:

1. Identify and be familiar with the background and repercussions of Concussions and TBI’s
2. Identify and be familiar with the relationship between stress/cortisol and concussions/head traumas
3. Identify and be familiar with how sympathetic stress is scientifically measured with ECG and Endocrine lab testing
4. Understand how currently approved testing techniques are used to scientifically measure improved neuroplasticity and cognitive functioning
5. Understand the relationship between stress/cortisol and PCS symptomology
6. Understand the theory and basis of the 5-step Concussion Recovery Therapy protocol development
7. Understand how to identify, locate and treat primary cranial sutures for CRT
8. Understand how to identify, locate and treat key Acupuncture/trigger points for CRT therapy

Course Feedback

“Fantastic course. Cannot say enough good things about the quality of the information presented here. Great for the concussion information alone, but I can’t wait to try this out on my neurological patients ... −Paul McCrimmon (DOMP RMT)

“MPS is such a powerful tool with the research to back up the claims. I am looking forward to using the concussion protocols on my family and my patients. I witnessed as well as received fantastic results. I feel so good!” −Eileen Salvi (PT)

“Great protocols for post concussion recovery.” −Mandy McCracken-Atkins (PTA, LMT)

“Some of my clients have benefited from the concussion treatment. Thank you and they also say thank you …” −Robert Glean (RMT, CFSS)


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