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These courses have been developed and perfected over the past three decades to provide practitioners with the highest quality in training in microcurrent point stimulation (MPS). More than 30,000 professionals have taken our courses over the years for superior, rapid patient outcomes and to differentiate their practices in competitive markets.

Courses We Offer

Intro to Pain Management & Scar Release

Discover how FDA approved Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) combines the principles of acupuncture and modern neurology with microcurrent stimulation to control pain, improve patient outcomes and expand referrals.

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MPS Therapy, C-Section Scar Pain, Scar Treatment, Chronic Pain

Scar and Trauma

Advanced Scar/Trauma certification instructs how scars injuries interlink with past traumas to cause health problems. Powerful stress reduction and chronic pain relief may be obtained with your patients after taking this seminar.  70-75% outcomes with knowledge learned at this seminar.

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Concussion-TBI-PCS Course

GOOD NEWS! Cranial Suture Release is being integrated and expanded into a much better and more potent workshop directly targeting TBI’s, Post Concussion Syndromes (PCS) and other brain related injuries.

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MPS Therapy, Scar Pain, Scar Treatment, Chronic Pain

MPS Integrative Circuits I: Knee-Shoulder-Jaw-Spine

After learning neck-back protocols at the Intro to Ultimate Pain Relief seminar, Circuits I helps you move forward with exciting new knowledge.

Discover how microcurrent applied to jaw, knee and shoulder circuits can change patient outcomes in your practice.

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MPS Integrative Circuits II: Oriental Medicine

This course requires Advanced Circuits I as a prerequisite. Curriculum includes advanced Standard Protocol procedures, advanced circuiting for the spine, nervous system and advanced emotional therapy.

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mps education
MPS Pediatric Therapy

Learn how microcurrent point stimulation (MPS) produces favorable outcomes with challenging pediatric patients with sensory, tone, and muscular pain issues. Protocols for Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome will be emphasized.

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mps education
MPS Auricular Therapy

This course instructs students on the anatomy, location and application of ear points for successful microcurrent point stimulation (MPS) Ear Therapy. Perfect for homecare or on the go therapists!

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Women’s Health

This course was created as a one of a kind- one day course for women.  It will teach you  treatment points and techniques for releasing and unlocking the body’s energy, circulation, and trapped emotions that result from traumas acquired specifically in the female body.

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Happy Family
Family Health

Learn to treat and care for yourself and your family naturally with MPS Therapy and the  Dolphin Neurostim. This one-day Family course teaches you simple points that relate to common daily symptoms.

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