MPS Therapy Course Policies

The following are a list of course policies for the MPS Therapy courses that we teach throughout the United States and Canada. If you require any additional information, please contact us.

1. Reservation and Cancellation Policy:

1.1 In-Person Courses:

All students attending MPS classes will be charged the following deposit as reservation fee (non-refundable). If students wish to cancel, the deposit can be transferred to a future course but students are allowed to transfer only once.

Reservation Fees (Deposit):

Introductory course – $100

Advanced courses – $100

Concussion courses – $200

Please note: For Concussion courses ONLY, below is the payment schedule:

  • 1st payment:          $200 (deposit)
  • 2nd payment:         $400 (6 weeks prior to class)
  • 3rd payment:          $399 (2 weeks prior to class)

A total payment of $999 must be completed before the class.

1.2 Online Courses (Home Study):

  • All online courses fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

1.3 Live Interactive Webinars:

  • All Webinars are non-refundable but can be transferred to a future course once only.

2. Dolphin Purchases:

All Dolphin units and accessories purchased from a US class must be paid for in USD

3. Seminar Audit:

  • Previous participants may avail of our 50% OFF Seminar Audit where students can take the same type of course within 2 years.
  • Seminar Audit can also be applied for one (1) day only, as per customer’s request.
  • CEU is NOT provided.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Policy

If you have a special need request, please contact us at 1-800-567-7246 prior to the course and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Teaching Environments

Over the years, we have had people with many types of disabilities attend our course including, but not limited to, dyslexia, audio and visual impairment, chronic pain, and physical disability. Effective immediately, all workshops must be held in a facility that meets current ADA accessibility standards.  It is the responsibility of the workshop coordinator to ensure that no courses are offered in facilities that are not accessible to all therapists.

Teaching Materials

We have had many students with dyslexia, audio and visual impairments and so we are constantly revising the ways in which we provides materials to individual students with such conditions. Often it is required that teaching staff provide such students with larger print handouts, printouts before lectures and added notes. Depending on the circumstances involved, we will try to make the necessary arrangements to accommodate the learner’s situation.

We are committed to providing teaching materials in a medium which facilitates the learning of students with physical disabilities and mental health problems. See suggestions for teachers and students below.

Area of Limitation Possible Accommodations
Mild to moderate hearing impairment Have student sit at front of classroom and use tape recorder or note taker, be careful to face audience rather than screen, don’t cover mouth when talking
Limited but usable vision Sit at front, use magnification device for reading, provide large print copies of notes
Blind Arrange for readers or tape lectures
Learning disability (e.g., dyslexia) Have them tape lectures or use note takers, we will provide materials well in advance
Mobility limitation (e.g., wheelchair or cane user) All facilities will be in compliance with current ADA accessibility standards