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These courses have been developed and perfected over the past three decades to provide practitioners with the highest quality in training in Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS). More than 30,000 professionals have taken our courses over the years for superior, rapid patient outcomes and to differentiate their practices in competitive markets.

Intro to Pain Management & Scar Release

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Concussion-TBI-PCS Course

GOOD NEWS! Cranial Suture Release is being integrated and expanded into a much better and more potent workshop directly targeting TBI’s, Post Concussion Syndromes (PCS) and other brain related injuries.

MPS Integrative Circuits I: Knee-Shoulder-Jaw-Spine

After learning neck-back protocols at the Intro to Ultimate Pain Relief seminar, Circuits I helps you move forward with exciting new knowledge.

Discover how microcurrent applied to jaw, knee and shoulder circuits can change patient outcomes in your practice.

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MPS Lymphatic Restorative Therapy with Microcurrent

Learn how the Autonomic Nervous system influences the Lymphatic system, how scars and adhesive tissue impair the lymph pathways and how to treat it.
Learn how to implement traditional Acupuncture points and circuits that influence specific tissues and systems enhancing your outcomes!

MPS Auricular Therapy with New Vagal Stim

This course instructs students on the anatomy, location and application of ear points for successful microcurrent point stimulation (MPS) Ear Therapy. Perfect for homecare or on the go therapists!

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