mps educationMPS Advanced Homecare is a course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of homecare therapists. In homecare, many patients cannot be physically manipulated in the same way as other patients; because of this, they require alternative methods of treatment away from the core of the body. For our MPS Advanced Homecare course, we have developed specific protocols using ear therapy points (auricular acupuncture points), and distal and influential points to effectively treat these patients comfortably and easily. These protocols help with a wide variety of conditions, including: strokes, RA/OA, incontinence, digestion/constipation, diabetes/peripheral neuropathy, wound/bed sores, neuro disorders and much more.

This course is a must for any homecare therapist looking to improve their outcomes.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the basic laws of electrical physiology and their relationships with the pain and disease process
  2. Understand the anatomical location of distal, parasympathetic, emotional, influential, and spinal points for MPS protocol development
  3. Understand how to identify the physical signs of chronic neuropathic pain, and learn how to incorporate these into MPS protocols
  4. Learn “Battlefield Auricular” Acupuncture for the application in the homecare setting
  5. Understand how to develop and apply MPS protocols into your homecare setting


16 Contact Hours. Click here to see our Board approvals.

Course Requirements

Please dress comfortably and bring a massage table if convenient to do so.

Course Policies

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Course Schedule and Registration