MPS Pain Therapy

MPS Therapy is the application of the Dolphin Neurostim to therapeutically integrative protocols. MPS applies brief, concentrated DC microcurrent impulses to specific treatment points to relax muscles, calm the nervous system and release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. When MPS is applied to pathology influencing all three systems — nervous, muscular and endocrine — making MPS therapy effective for treating many chronic and acute soft-tissue pain conditions.

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Chronic Pain and the Autonomous Nervous System

The key to the treatment of almost all chronic pain syndromes in patients is the deregulation (or calming) of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and the release of physical/mental blockages, which seem to keep the ANS in “high” drive. Upregulation of the ANS (also called hypersensitivity), may be caused by nerve root entrapment (radiculopathy), misalignment of the spine or mandible, emotional stress such as anxiety/depression or scars that energetically influence the ANS.

Whatever the primary cause, the patient displays hypertonic muscles and is hypersensitive with tender trigger points and chronic pain.

The Parasympathetic “calming” points for the Nervous System

There are several well-known potent parasympathetic acupuncture points located on the wrists and top of the head that significantly calm the patient, reduce muscular tension and permit deeper tissue work without the patient guarding. Applying MPS Therapy to select calming points in the wrist/ankles can significantly relax the nervous system and reduce patient pain levels. Countless pain patients have reported elimination of all their pain symptoms with this step.

Distal Acupuncture Points for Pain Relief

Points in the hands and arms provide significant influence on pain located in the head and facial regions. Distal acupoints have an especially potent influence on proximal chronic pain. Applying MPS Therapy to these points can provide for immense relief of pain.


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