mps educationFor post-op recovery in weeks, not months!

A must attend for any therapist who treats post-operative orthopedic patients suffering from injuries in the lower body. This course will enable the recovery of post-operative patients in a fraction of the time of traditional modalities or therapeutic approaches. A step-by-step, week-by-week approach, which integrates stimulation of acupuncture points during traditional Physical Therapy exercises for amazing patient pain relief and superior functional outcomes.

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn key post-op Back Hip/Knee Points for pain reduction
  2. Learn critical Points for back, hip and knees to increase joint mobility in post-operative patients
  3. Learn new flexion/extension and joint mobility exercises
  4. Learn enhanced piriformis release techniques
  5. Learn additional parasympathetic points for post-op pain
  6. Learn patella re-tracking and realignment circuit protocols
  7. Learn agonist/anti-agonist muscle core rebalancing
  8. Learn key points for post-op incontinence, nausea, muscle, inflammation, constipation and bone weakness
  9. Improve outcomes and patient flow – enhance and increase your referral from surgeons


16 Contact Hours. Click here to see our Board approvals.

Course Requirements

Please dress comfortably and bring a massage table if convenient to do so.

Course Policies and Registration

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Course Schedule

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