Scar Release & Vagal Tone Therapy for Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a health care profession focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neuro musculo skeletal disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.

The stress reducing benefits of Dolphin-MPS are the perfect adjunct to Chiropractic care as both modalities are functional and designed to regulate the autonomic nervous system.

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Scar Release Therapy &  Chiropractic:

Scars are now recognized as a key source of physical stress. Scars directly connect to the skin through the peripheral and central nervous systems, so any injury to the skin or underlying fascia will cause a prolonged sympathetic response. It is theorized that each surgery or injury compounds this stress aggravation until the sympathetic nervous system goes into hyper load, resulting in disease or prolonged chronic post-surgical pain

It is reported in science that 1/3 of patients undergoing common surgical procedures report persistent or intermittent pain, called chronic post surgical pain (CPSP), of varying severity at one year postoperatively. (The Lancet 2016)

Scars influence spinal joint dysfunction and pain! 85% of refractory back pain unresolved by chiropractic care IS caused by scars far remove from the spine.

Scars Hidden Influence

  • Scars activate stress and suppress vagal tone (parasympathetic)

  • Scars cause formation of internal adhesions

  • Scars injure fascia causing structural imbalances.

  • Scars block circulation and lymph flow

  • Scars cause chronic pain throughout the ENTIRE body

Scar Therapy (SRT) releases fascia adhesions to improve skeletal mobility to allow body-wide muscle balance. Introducing SRT as an adjunct therapy into Chiropractic can reduce muscle tone and repetitive dysfunction patterns in joints to improve motor control prior to manipulation, reducing strain on the treating chiropractor.

SRT is a non-invasive therapy that easily integrates into any Chiropractic clinical setting for significantly improvement in patient outcomes. Scar Release Therapy is proven in published science to provide 73% (IJCAM 2016) and 82% (OGN 2017) pain relief after a single application.

Scar Therapy (SRT) can be applied effectively by support staff without further time allocation from the chiropractor. 

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