MPS Scar Wound Release Therapy

In the United States, chronic wounds affect around 6.5 million patients per year. It is claimed that an excess of US$25 billion is spent annually on treatment of chronic wounds. Chronic wounds are rarely seen in individuals who are otherwise healthy. In fact, chronic wound patients frequently suffer from “highly branded” diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

According to the National Institute of Research (NIH), chronic wounds are mostly seen in the elderly population. Current research suggests up to In the United States, 3% of the population >65 years of age have open wounds. By 2020, the US government estimates that the elderly population will be over 55 million, suggesting that chronic wounds will continue to be an increasingly persistent problem in senior population. Overall, in the United States 2% of the total population are estimated to be affected by chronic wounds. The impact of chronic wounds is also financial, with NIH research suggests wounds cost society up to 5.5% of total expenditures by the British National Health Service (NHS).9

The need for chronic wound care is sharply on the rise.

MPS: New Non-Invasive Approach to Wound Therapy

Scar Wound Release Therapy (SWRT) uses the latest advances in science to address both chronic dermal scarring and the healing of wounds after any trauma or surgery. SWRT applies Micro­current Point Stimulation (MPS), a patented solution that is based on the scientific concept of increasing the skin’s inter-cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and healing functioning to re-awaken the skin’s ability to regenerate. By targeting direct cellular stimulation of microcurrent waves through the wound, this simple and discomfort free procedure works by reducing dermal trauma, adhesions and fascial restrictions to accelerate the healing of chronic wounds through accelerating tissue healing.

The physiological rationale behind the clinical effects of MPS Therapy and why it is biologically sound:

1. MPS neutralizes the oscillating polarity of injured cells.

2. Current between 400-800 mca (<=1ma) has been proven to increase ATP.

3. MPS Microcurrent has a positive effect on increasing cell metabolism and permeability.

4. MPS Therapy reduces sympathetic stress to activate vagal tone and parasympathetic healing.

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Integrating MPS into your wound care program will advance your knowledge of body-wide wound management and provide accelerated tissue healing beyond current approaches available today.
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