CPP Exam

Instructions: Read each question carefully and choose your answer. All questions are taken from your class manuals and can be found in these texts. The critical thinking essay is challenged from your practical experience using the modality. Keep in mind that earning this designation is through your class manuals as well as your practical knowledge. There is a section for each of the 4 courses required. A pass score of 80 from possible 100 is required for certification. Each section has 10 multiple choice questions (1pt each), 5 fill in the blanks (2 pts each) and one essay (5 points). After you submit your exam, we will grade it and send you your results to the e-mail you provide below.
  • Part I: Introductory course level 1; please refer to your introductory manual.
  • Part II: Circuits Course; Level 1: Please refer to your course manual