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Physical Therapy

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Dolphin Neurostim comes with carry case, and 55 page protocol manual to assist in application.

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The stress reducing benefits of Dolphin-MPS are the perfect adjunct to Physical Therapy for the following reasons:

  1. Physician-Based Therapies

Dolphin-MPS permits the introduction of physician-based science into PT. The practice of neuro-anatomical acupuncture, sub-clinical spinal radiculopathy and autonomic nervous system neuromodulation are physician-based practices once outside of PT, and are now integrated into it using advanced MPS protocols (link to MPS page). The results of integrating MPS into Physical Therapy are significant (documented by 3rd party research – link).

  1. Physician Based Science

MPS Therapy introduces the physician-based sciences of diagnostic ECG, EEG, sophisticated ultrasounds and HPA hormonal analysis to the table to scientifically verify efficacy and long-term safety of currently applied PT modalities (link to Microcurrent page) in order to make informed evidence-based medicine choices of treatment.

  1. Stress Reduction